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Our Story...
Welcome to the home of The Funky Hen
Once upon a time, I used to go shopping for clothes…and I hated it!
There were sizes that didn’t work for me, size 20 clothes modelled by size 10 willowy models, sales assistants telling me I looked lovely in everything I tried on….and don’t get me started about the changing rooms!
Mirrors at every angle to make me feel even more insecure in my knickers and bra, bright lights and curtains across the door that never quite fit!
So we decided to try and change all that.
It all started with ‘just a rail’ of clothes to sell alongside my ‘craft makes’.  One size and fabulous affordable styles.
Well, the one rail grew until we opened our Secret Boutique in a log cabin in our garden, to provide a unique personal shopping experience.  We shared photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and grew until we needed a website.
We know that to feel awesome it’s important to find the right colour that compliments your colouring and a style that flatters your shape.  And we won’t tell you something looks great when it doesn’t. (Why would you ever buy from us again if we did?)
We use real pictures of real people to showcase our clothes.  We are not models but have great fun sharing the new arrivals with you and sometimes even our dogs make an appearance!
We love seeing your photos of you wearing our clothes, and there is nothing better than happy customer pictures!
Join us on our journey and fall in love with shopping again